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The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the house, and it should be organised and well laid out. Dovecote kitchens design service will guide you through the process in order for us to provide a kitchen which will work for you. There are many considerations to be taken into account within the design of a kitchen, such as appliances, the shape of the kitchen, finish, decor, style and how much storage you need amongst many others.

Kitchen Design Service

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Our extensive experience with kitchen design will enable us to take you through the options and point out any improvements and suggestions along the way to ensure that the kitchen design works as you would expect; for instance the sink, fridge and cooker are the primary areas within a kitchen which you should be able to move between easily. You might want to brainstorm some ideas you have in your head, our customers are passionate about the end results and Dovecote Kitchens will ensure that the vision is realised, so please feel free to pick up the phone and have a relaxed chat, with no annoying sales pressure.

The above design principles can be followed through into your new bedroom or study to provide all your rooms a quality well fitted design that works for you and your family.

We are able to meet you in the comfort of your home to look at samples together, see how things will really look in your kitchen, bedroom, and study and not outside of your own surroundings in a showroom or brochure.